For the love of design and family

Design My Family Tree is a shop with a purpose. I help you celebrate family with a beautiful custom print of your family tree, and your order helps those struggling to start or grow a family.

Because each family is unique, I believe that each family tree design should be unique too. I allow the characteristics of your own family – such as the number of generations, the number of family members in each generation, and how everyone is connected – to create a distinct pattern with branches, foliage and animals. This family tree makes a thoughtful sentimental and keepsake gift (or joint gift) for so many occasions: wedding, anniversary, new home, new baby, new parent or grandparent, birthday, mother’s and father’s day, sympathy… There are countless moments to cherish and celebrate family.

I also believe that everyone has the right to the support and choices needed to start a family of their own. So I donate £5 (6.5USD) of every custom family tree print to Fertility Network UK, who are there for people experiencing fertility problems. They were there for my partner and I during our challenging journey through egg sharing (we are now the proudest parents of the cheekiest 3 little boys – including identical twins, and have helped make another couple super happy with the arrival of their twins!). We were incredibly lucky but we know that for many, the journey towards starting or growing a family can be very trying with little emotional, practical and financial support as they navigate their options (or lack of).

The first spark of an idea for this shop probably goes all the way back to 2012 when I designed a family tree print as a Christmas present for my dear parents and grandparents. I come from a massive family. Creating a tree for 27 great aunts and uncles, 10 aunts and uncles, 61 cousins, and 5 brothers and sisters was no easy feat. I also come from a family of designers. My grandmother was a fashion designer, both my parents were interior designers, and my brothers and sisters are a creative mix of graphic designers, architects, fashion designers, animation designers and film directors. So I put 2 and 2 together. I drew on my love of family and my talent for creative and complex visualisations to create Design My Family Tree: beautiful custom prints celebrating family bonds. The idea has been mulling over in my head for the last 6 years, but here I am now to set up shop!

I'm Joanna Choukeir and this shop is a little pet project that I am very passionate about. The rest of my time I work as a social designer and innovator designing solutions for complex social challenges – something I am also very passionate about. I live in a lovely little 100-year-old cottage in London with my wonderful husband, cheeky toddler, and benevolent cat.

Fertility Network UK: A charity for anyone who has ever experienced fertility problems.
Eltham Digital: An independent family-run quality printing business.
Hato Press: An independent printing house Risograph printing the gold family trees.
Ashley Choukeir: My sister who lives and helps fulfil orders in the US.

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